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Panaeolus Cyanescens is a potent psychedelic mushroom that is known for its’ higher psilocybin contents and intense visual trips. According to American mycologist and mushroom expert Paul Stamets, Panaeolus Cyanscens are regarded as the 4th most potent strain of magic mushrooms ever grown on planet earth, with many reports indicating that they are 3-7 times more potent than a Psilocybe Cubensis. One of the unusual traits of this unique strain of mushrooms is that it contains serotonin and higher levels of psilocin, which would describe its’ smooth experience with less physical discomfort and confusion, and more of a smooth, relaxed and blissful trip. The higher concentrations of psilocin also result in this mushroom strain having stronger, more lucid and vivid visual stimulations and extremely strong feelings of euphoria. A highly cerebral strain of mushrooms, Panaeolus Cyanscens have a psychedelic experience that is more clear-headed and less ‘foggy’ or ‘drunk’ feeling than average Psilocybe Cubensis strains.

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Firstly, Panaeolus cyanescens is a very potent hallucinogenic mushroom. And this results from it being a strong producer of psychoactive compounds. Psilocybin and psilocin. Also, the psilocybin and psilocin levels are higher in panaeolus. Cyanescens than in other ‘magic mushrooms. Of which there may be over 100 different types. Magic mushrooms refer to a group of fungi that produce the psychoactive compound psilocybin. Buy Panaeolus-cyanescens Mushroom Online

Secondly, These mushrooms is for  consummation for approximately 3000 years. Originally dating back to Mexico, and are still using by natives in ceremonies. Including religious ceremonies, and for healing purposes. Many  consuming the Panaeolus cyanescens are describing having spiritual experiences.

Thirdly, For this reason. When it is not unheard of for people to try to cultivate these mushrooms themselves. Although with varying levels of success since. Panaeolus cyanescens is sensitive to the correct levels of air, temperature, and humidity. They are particularly fond of nutrient-rich areas, especially where livestock graze, as they grow on dung. Panaeolus cyanescens has a variety of names that are using interchangeably including Copelandia Cyanescens, Blue Meanies, and Pan Cyans.

Additional Information


Cap:  Up to 4cm diameter; smooth surface, but sometimes cracked in dry weather; thin flesh; bruises blue or blue-green; bell-shaped cap to convex; can become wavy. Light brown. Also, when immature, become grayish with maturity. Hygrophanous. No veil.
Gills: Present and attached to stem; tightly packed; gray becoming black as spores develop.
Stem: up to 12cm in height; thin – 2-4mm thick; long and slender; bruises blue; colored pale yellow or gray or pink-tinged.
Smell: Floury or starch-like.
Taste: Floury or starch-like.
Spores: Elliptical and smooth.
Spore color: Dark purple or black.
Edibility: Edible but psychoactive.
In conclusion, Habitat: Grows scattered or clustered in dung and grasslands fertilized by grazing animals. Grows in tropical regions of both hemispheres; widely grown across the world, including Africa, Australia, Europe, South Americas, Hawaii, Also India and Tasmania.


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