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Phoenix Tears, also know as “Rick Simpson Oil”(or RSO for short). This is a concentrate form of cannabis oil that was originally developed by medical marijuana activist. He create it to treat his own skin cancer symptoms. Buy Rick Simpson Oil Online

It differs from other cannabis oils, particularly pure CBD oils. it is more potent and contains higher levels of THC. Or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis plants. Because of this, they pack quite a punch due to the higher THC. Concentration when use, whether recreationally or for medical usage. Like CBD oils, however, Phoenix Tears are use to reduce anxiety. And relieve pains including those associate with arthritis and cancer. Though unlike CBD and due to its THC. Effects can also help increase appetite and induce sleep. It can apply topically to the skin. Or consume orally a number of ways including sublingually. With a dropper under the tongue, eaten when infused with foods, or taken as a capsule form, so can quickly and easily be a part of your daily regimen!

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